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Why To Get An Outside Perspective On Your Employee 401(K) Plan

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

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Are you really sure your 401(k) plan is performing as well as it should and that it’s in compliance? This company thought so because it was working with a supposed expert and reputable firm for more than 10 years. What happened when they finally agreed to a complimentary review by an outside party?

The results left them in disbelief.

Not only were they noncompliant, which could have resulted in fines and litigation, but the funds had low returns, outrageous fees and out-of-date documentation.

Once they agreed to a new direction and made the switch, they lowered their plan fees by a remarkable 35%, improved fund performance and are now compliant.

Learn how a fresh approach to offering retirement plans for employees eased the burden of complying with regulations and improved returns for this company, and how the same approach can help you. Fill out the form to access the case study now.

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