Take the Burden Out of HR

Time for an HR Gap Analysis?

Recruiting and retaining employees, the complexity of a multi-generational workforce, constant regulation changes… these are just some of the challenges that can overwhelm any business leader or HR professional and leave them wondering, “Am I missing something?”

McClone can help. When you schedule an HR Gap Analysis with us, we’ll walk you through the steps to identify four key areas that every business needs to cover:

  • Current regulations and compliance
  • How to simplify administrative duties
  • Cost control measures
  • Employee engagement and experience

As part of our conversation, we’ll ask questions, share insights and explore which areas should be your highest priorities. When we’re done, you’ll receive your results and a score to determine your risk factors in each area, plus a proposal of solutions.

The best part? There’s no cost to you and no prep work required! Simply fill out the form to get the conversation started and we’ll be in touch.