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Work Comp Premiums Hurting Your Business?

How One Company Lowered Premiums And Became Compliant

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Calculating work comp premiums based on your state’s regulations isn’t always cut-and-dried. A lot of factors are involved: employee classifications, payroll, the experience mod and claims history. Get one wrong, and you could be paying too much.

One company experienced this first-hand. In addition, they didn’t even realize there were areas they were noncompliant in!

Through an outside evaluation from an experienced risk advisor, however, the issues were discovered and, most importantly, corrected. The result?

They saved $36,000 in work comp premiums in one year!

The problems they experienced are unfortunately not all that uncommon. See if you can relate by viewing the case study:

RiskMAP Results: A Proactive Approach to Reducing Work Comp Premiums

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